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Chapter nine - Black and Blue

From the events a few days ago, it is very obvious that Seamus will not travel to Egypt any time soon- but what about Nick and Le? 

Please note: I did not build the airport, I just tweaked it a bit. 
The original version is the TS3 Airport by chuvadeprata, link to the exchange:

I can not believe he is not here yet... the boarding will start any minute now... what can be keeping him?!

But... do I see right?

"Eh... hi Le... please don´t be mad at me, I just had to come and..."

"Agh, you are breaking my ribs!"
"Oh come on, do not be stupid- I so did not expect you to be here! You are such a sweetie Seam, when on earth did you have to get up just to wave us goodbye?!"

"Ah it wasn´t so bad, the hard part was to sneak out without her catching me... but speaking of ´you`, where the hell is Nick? Isn´t your plane leaving any minute now?"

"Well actually..."
"Aw nooo... please don´t tell me he chickened out..."

"No, I was about to say, actually he just arrived. AND got himself a haircut- good morning!"
"Oh crap. Nick... I am sorry..." 

"Morning guys... it´s ok Seam. I... really very nearly backed out. Am I to late?"

"No, there still is time. And I am so glad you made it. You have every reason to be proud"
"Yeah man. And I really am sorry, ´kayes?"

"Good morning Sir. I reckon you would like to check in your baggage for SF 393 to Egypt? Please hand over your passport and your flight ticket..."

No turning back now... what have I gotten myself into?

"Ok, seems I am done here... kid, again, sorry I was so late. If I had known you would be here to say goodbye..."
"Hey no worries man..."

"I hate to rush, but the boarding procedures have started- we really need to go upstairs. Seam, I will call you first thing after our arrival in Al Simhara, promise!"

"´Kayes. Hey old man, you take care of the Lady, eh? Always remember, she´s a rookie!"

"How very flattering! Oh come here... take care while we are away, will you please?"
"Sure will"

"Safe journey guys..."

"... come back soon..."

"Madam, would you please fasten your seat belt and keep it closed until the fasten seat belt signs are turned off?"
"Of course..."

"Are you good? I know this whole thing is hard for you, but you look so... stressed... are you afraid of flying?"

"What? Eh, no, never was. I am thinking about the kid... we will be away for a while..."
Le sighs deeply
"I know exactly what you mean..."

"... but Seamus is always so stable, coping so well"

"I guess he will hardly notice that we are gone until we return"

"Let's hope you are right ´bout that, Le"

Hard to believe they are really gone. I wonder how things will be for the time when they´re away? 
But hey, been there, done that

The longer I ride, the more I notice how quiet and beautiful Mesa is this early in the morning. The cool, the breeze - man! Maybe I should try to get up real early every day now

Have to admit that it is freezing after some time, though. Hm... seems like the canteen is still completely deserted

Suits me fine, best chance to finish my homework undisturbed. Not that it will matter as long as Le and Nick are away, but if Mom keeps me grounded and doing all those chores much longer, I am running out of ideas how to do it at all

Crap, I really have to find a solution to this... can´t be doing this every morning, half asleep

... done. With a sigh, I stuff my papers into my bag when some movement right in front of the canteen window catches my eye

Bull and Kosta.

Crap!! Malcom´s buddies- when they are round, he can´t be far!

Startled, I jump up from my seat and try to sneak out without them spotting me

Where can I hide?!? No class will be open yet
"Seamus Sweeney?"
A voice makes me jump and I turn around 

Oh no. It´s MS Holland... then again, could be worse, could have been Malcom, right?
"Well I certainly did not expect to see you of all students here this early in the morning. May I ask to what we owe the honour?"

Think think think fast
"Eh, I finally got a brand new alarm clock?"

"Very funny, Sweeney. Very. Well now that you are here you might as well take your seat instead of loitering, don´t you think?"
"Eh, yes, sure M´am"

Whoah. That was close... new alarm clock? Gee. Lucky she didn´t kill me

Ah better in class with DS than having to deal with my dear kind- of- half brother

I can´t remember the last time I was that awake and focused in science class. Hm. That stuff is not as boring as I always thought

Wonder if I could catch up
Wonder if DS would rise my marks if I tried real hard although she hates me

Finally, the bell rings and everybody files out of the class room

Nervously I glance around
Still no sign of Mac, but is that good or bad?

Maybe I should just wait out the break in the boy´s... again
Yeah, he´s never been looking for me in there
I shuffle into one of the toilet boxes and draw my legs up... 
I sigh
Safe for now...

Then I feel the change
What the hell am I doing here?! I spent every effing lunch break in this smelly toilet for the last weeks! This has to end

I can´t spend the rest of the school year in there, right?! Time to take action

It´s not so hard to find them. They always hang out at the same table anyway
Kosta has seen me already, so there is no turning back now... but where the hell is he?

"Ehm hay guys... listen, don´t wanna bother you, but did you see Malcom, by any chance?"

"Hi Seam!"
"Hey Seam... nope, didn´t see him since maths today, sorry..."

"Me neither. Dunno what´s with the guy lately, been acting strange... what´s with your bro´, Seam?"

"Hell if I know..."
Bull knits his brow at this
"You don´t know. Say, you guys been falling out or something? Now that I think about it, didn´t see to much of you around lately, either"

What the crap is going on here? I mumble some response and turn around, rubbing my chin

"Seriously, what is it with those two? Is it just me or what, I always thought they got along pretty well given the whole shit with Seam´s mother"

"Beats me man"

Where the hell could he be...
Then it strikes me

The roof. This may be far out, but...

And right enough, there he is, smoking behind one of the ventilation shafts

Even if I came looking for him, I fall short from crapping myself at the sight of the guy now

I remember all to well how I walked into him a while ago
I was so surprised to see anyone up here on `my´ roof that I didn´t even notice how tense he looked, constantly clenching and unclenching his fists

I came so far as to say `hey´
When he turned around to face me, I knew I was in deep shit

I don´t even remember the abuse he yelled at me, I was so shocked- I had never, ever seen him so furious before

And then he punched me straight in the face, knocking me out and leaving me with that gross black eye 
When I finally got back up, he had left

Somehow he doesn´t look so scary right now...  more like sad... guess I have to take the risk

Is he stoned or what? No way he can´t have noticed me yet?
"Eh... hay Malcom..."

"What the fuck do you want? Get lost! Leave me alone!"

"Whoah! Mac- Malcom - sorry - please, don´t hit me - I - I just want to talk- please?"

Phew, he seems to relax a bit... 
wait, he narrows his eyes, what now?
"Ah Seam, ´tis you... listen man I am... can´t this talking business wait?"

"Eh... no, not really. Listen man, I have been running and hiding from you for almost two weeks now, this crap is killing me- can´t we just talk and get this over with? Please? "

"What the fuck are you talking about?! Why should you..."

He falls silent in the middle of his sentence and turns away to stare into the distance
He looks so crestfallen- I don´t get it?!
"Mac? You with me?"

"I hit you, right? Punched you right in the face"
What the?! He didn´t know.. holy crap! He´s in trouble, no way I will let that go!
"Mac? What´s wrong with you? 
Is there anything I can do... to help?" 

He turns to me in surprise, clearly not trusting his ears
"I knock you out, and you ask what´s wrong- with me? Are you trying to bullshit me, bro´?

No. Postively not letting go. I put my chin up and look him straight in the eye
"Yeah sure, I´ll bullshit with you so you can hit me again, huh? Nope man. You didn´t even know it was me, right? Come on now man. You're like my brother. What´s wrong?"

"I- can´t tell you, man. Just can´t, it´s... listen bro´ I don´t want to drag you into my shit, ok? Man I am so sorry, I never meant to hit you, I swear it won´t happen again"

Ok, guess it´s a start...
"...´kayes. But trust me, one could say I am quiet used to a lot of shit. So whenever you change your mind, I am right here- brother"

"You really mean it, do you?! Man... I don´t know what to say... it´s not like I treated you that well lately..."

I can´t help but laugh out loud
"Yeah but that was because of Mom being a total bitch, right? It wasn´t personal or something. Seriously man if you promise not to beat me up again anytime soon, I am great!"

This at least teases out a weak smile
"Thanks man. I dunno... I might even get back to that offer of yours...?"
"Anytime, Mac. I am not joking bro´, I bet we can figure out something. Think about it, eh?
"Will do..."  

Before the silence turns to awkward, I cough and pretend to be looking at my watch
"Oh crap- better run now... listen Mac, again, I wasn´t joking, ´kayes? See ya tomorrow man... or call me, anytime, huh?"

"Yeah... seeya tomorrow, little bro´"

This must be fake. Seam can´t be serious, he´s only trying to get back at me... or can he?
And even if so.
How. How could I tell him?
I am so fucked up

Crappy situation... and I thought talking to Mac would make things easier
Wish he told me what´s the matter
Wish I could tell Le about it... or Nick...  

I am lucky enough to make it back into class just as the bell rings

But what concentration I had before is gone now, my head is buzzing 
Mom. Twins. Mac. School.
I hope Le and Nick will be back real soon  

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  1. Hmmm I wonder what's wrong with Mac. But I guess I'll find out later. Haha. Ahh so Mac hit Seam in the face. I kind of thought those guys, Kosta and the other guy were going to be mean to Seam since the first time he saw them he tried to sneak away.

  2. Mac... that guy grew to me so much that he actually gets his own chapter lateron, yes. As for Bull and Kosta, I can´t blame you for that. They are one of a kind ^^