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Chapter twelve - Desert Skies

Back to Al Simhara...
How do they say, Evil never sleeps? That´s not true, trust me. Sometimes Evil even likes to sleep around 

My head is buzzing...
I can hear someone breathing next to me...
I smell sex and ... candy?

I try to remember, but it´s like wading through fog
Useless, I have no idea who she might be

I can´t help but frown
Happens a lot lately

Who cares... I shrug it off
Who cares as long as I know where I am

Al Simhara, once more

Thinking of the rotten camp I stayed at the last time I came here, I feel more than pleased that I decided to go all the way and rent a room at the local Ritz Carlton

Sleepily I shuffle into the luxury bathroom next door

Ah, right, the whirlpool

The little private party me, some bottles of champagne and that... lady had last night

Yeah, right, champagne... always straight to the skullcap next morning. Ouch!

Nothing better to get rid of a hangover than a nice and relaxing dip

"Oh! I am sorry, Sir- I didn´t realize you were in the pool - I´ll come back later..."

Then again...

"No harm done, sweet cheaks... nothing you couldn´t fix, that is. How about you join me and make it up?"

"I- I beg your pardon Sir?!"

I sigh and climb out of the nice warm water
Seems this one needs a bit of encouragement

"I am sorry... I thought, as you walked into my wellness session, you might want to help me... relax a little to make it up?"

"I see... well I´d love to, but...  oh look at yourself. You are dripping wet... shouldn´t we get you out of those wet clothes... before you get cold?"

A statement I instantly agree with... Gentleman I am, I am willing to help her prevent her work dress getting crumpled, naturally

Turns out, the slut from last night is still there when we get to the bedroom and more than ready to join the fun for a few rounds 

Two in one go... 
Way to waste my time I could grow accustomed to, that´s for sure

Almost noon by now... 
8 missed calls.
Guess I should get back to Ahmed, hear what´s the score 

"Yeah Ahmed, what is it... you called..." 
His angry shouts fill my ear 

Ts. What a temper...

"Although it´s none of your business, I was busy, Ahmed.  But I am talking to you now, am I not? So if you would care to fill me in...?"

"Aha... very good..."

"Is that so? Very well. Listen Ahmed, I think it´s time. You come and pick me up... say... naw it´s so hot around noon... you pick me up at four pm, alright? Fine. Later!"

Thoughfully I scratch my belly
So Nicky and chinky eyes are making progress at that tomb, how neat is that...
Time to get dressed

Damn, still a bit shaky round the knees

"Good morning Doctor Carella! "

This reception guy... don´t know why, but he creeps me out

"Morning... any mail for me, Karim?"

"No Sir, but I can arrange a Sims State newspaper for you if you like?"

Why not? Reading a bit about what´s going on back home can´t hurt

"That would be great indeed. Say, how about some breakfast? I know that I am late..."

"Oh that is no problem at all, Sir. We offer a brunch service, too, just proceed to the dining area. And if you should need anything else... do not hesitate to call on me..."

Is it the headache or is the guy blushing for real?!

"Eh, thanks for the offer... I think... for now I am fine, thank you"

Hell yes, he IS giving me the eye
I grin inwardly
Shit I am way to gorgeous for my own good
Speaking of which, what do we have here?

Another one of those yummy maids- yeah, that´s more like my piece of cake

"Good morning Doctor Carella, how can I serve you?"

Mmmmmmm let me think...

"Oh I am sure we can figure out something, precious. Later..."

"... but right now, some pancakes would be great, if you would be so good?"
"Right away, Doctor"

Hey, what do we have here? Didn´t see that one before, must be a new arrival

"Good morning Miss, I hope you don´t mind if I join you at this table? I just hate to eat alone..."

She looks a tad suprised but doesn´t object

"Why, no. Take a seat, please, ...?

"Carella, Doctor Giovanni Carella... pleasure to meet you... oh. If you will excuse me, my breakfast... I am starving..."

She keeps staring at me while I shove in my plateful. I spot that her plate is long empty, so why is she still here anyway? 
I scan her out of the corner of my eye... hmm... not that bad...

Sorry girl, maybe later. Right now, I am not in the mood for love
I rise and turn around 

"Well good day to you, Miss, it´s been a pleasure meeting you"

With my back alread turned I hear her respond meekly 

"Polat. Rehan Polat..."

She is already slipping from my mind

Ah, I was right... that was the clanking of glasses I heard behind me while eating

Seems like the bar is open early today
Hm, I still have some time to kill

Then again, it´s only forenoon... really shouldn´t...

Ah hell with it, I could do with a drink now, so why deprive myself of it?

"Good morning lovely. One Marsimi, no olive"

"I am sorry Sir, we are not open yet. I am only cleaning the bar at the moment... besides, don´t you think it´s a little early for a drink?"

"No, lovely, I think it´s the perfect time for a drink right now. And as you are here already, and I am a resident of this hotel, you might want to reconsider your statement"

I give her my best puppy eyes and wink at her

Her face remains expressionless, but she turns around and starts to fix my Marsimi

"... here you are. Enjoy" 

"Thank you"
Now that´s a good girl. Ts... what has this world come to that a barmaid has the cheek to deny a man a drink

What can it hurt to have one drink in the morning to get the wheels spinning

Or two...

... or whatever

Yeah that´s more like it... 
Oh crap, time flies when you are having fun

Well, more fun as other people, anyway... 
Yuk, what a hag

But there is so much more fun ahead today,
and I couldn´t be more ready

Heading for the reception desk, I see that Ahmed has not shown up yet.
Ah at least my newspaper has arrived. Good


"... hello? Yes, Sevda here. He just moved from the bar to the reception area, seems like things get going"

"You! What the hell do you want, you are not welcome here!"

"Aw come on now, why so harsh cousin? I am here on business"

"Business! What kind of business could YOU possibly have with anyone here in ..."

"Relax, Karim. I am here for the Doctor, and don´t try to tell me he is not in..."

"... as I can see him over there on that couch already. Now shut that gap, you look like an idiot when you pant like that"

"Hello Doctor"
"Ahmed. Finally. Enlighten me!"

"They are done, Doctor! They stopped dragging stuff out of the tomb few hours ago, they are packing it all into boxes now!"

"What! Hours ago?! And you didn´t come here any earlier?! Hell Ahmed, if your stupidity screws up this whole operation- ah forget about it, I´ll change into something more suitable. I´ll be right back, don´t go away!"

"But Doctor, you said... on the phone, you said, I should..."

"And STOP calling me stupid!!"

"Very well, big surprise... another chamber"
"Yeah, you tell me... Jeeze the maps showed this tomb system was huge, but still..."

"Whatever, guess I better start digging, right. There seems to be another door behind that pile of rocks over there"

"Hm? Don´t you think?"
"I am not sure, but this wall here looks... weird..."

"... you take care of those rocks, I see what I can decipher of the hyroglyphs..."

Funny. I always hated taking orders from anybody... how come I never seem to mind taking orders from Le

No doubt about it, it clearly says `you who pass this gate´- but where is the gate? Could this be a secret doorway?

This crack is artificial, I am sure of it- stupid thing, why won´t you open for me?!
Desperate, I start pushing agains the wall with my full weight... if only I was stronger...

"Ehm, what exactly are you doing there?"
"I try to open...oh! "

"Yes!! I knew it, it´s a secret door! HA! See? It turns around an axis that is... ah nevermind, let´s go in!"
"Le, no. Let me check first, ok?"

"Why so serious? This tomb was pretty plain so far, I really can´t see..."
"But I can. Take a look for yourself"

"This is not only a tomb, it´s a grave, too. Do you really want to find out why there is a pile of bones in this corridor?"

"Frankly, no. I would prefer to see what is behind that suspiciously modernly secured door over there... are you coming?"

"Holy shit."
"I would love to come up with a smart remark right now, but, yes- holy shit pretty much sums it up"

"The sarkophagus has been removed... but look at all those coins?!"
"Do you think they are all gold?"

"I can not believe they left all those precious artefacts behind, even the urns? Wonder who robbed that grave...."

"Yeah, who would drag the coffin out but leave the gold behind? I don´t get it either..."

"I mean, like really- who would let go of such an opportunity?"

"Oh come on. You are not trying to tell me that your sticky fingers are itching once again, are you?"

"You really want to know? Yeah, they are. And I´d rather cut them off then let them have their way ever again"

"I told you before, and I am telling you again- I believe in you. One can change. You can do it."

After some more exploring, shifting of artefacts and general dragging around of things, everything is piled up on the surface and then finally stored away into the transport boxes

"´Kayes, this is it... no more boxes for the rest of the stuff, need to come back tomorrow and bring some more..."
"Nick. Please."

"Sorry, was talking to myself... what did you just say?"

Le trusts up her chin to indicate something right behind him
Nick turns around, slightly confused- 
and freezes in midmove  

 "Ah. You are finally deigning us with your attention, very good"

 "I said, we have visitors"

"Nicky. So nice to see you... and how incredibly helpful you and your little friend have been! Amazing. So busy... say, why don´t you two take a break now? My... associates will take over from here. Come on. Have a break. Sit down! Fajid? You keep an eye on our guests, will you please..."
"Yes Doctor"

"Doctor? We´re done here"

"Excellent! Thank you Aziz... what else to do... ah, yes, right! Our dear guests"

"So quiet? Aw Nicky, really. I would have had expected some more of you. No witty remark now that it is goodbye? Your friend, maybe? No? Shame, shame..."

What? He wants to leave them behind?! He is making a joke, surely?!

"But Doctor... if we leave them here..."

"Exactly, my young friend! They will die! That's the whole idea!! Muahahahaaa!"
"Right Doctor"


"Aw what a shame to waste a chance for famous last words... Ahmed, search them again, we do not want to accidentally oversee some mobile phone, do we? And don´t forget to look for the keys of the Jeep, neither"
"Yes Doctor"

"And thanks for reminding me- take their water supplies away, too, will you please? - Now don´t look so blank, Nicky. You are a survivor, aren´t you? It´s only fifteen, twenty miles at the most...  across the desert to Al Simhara. Surely you will be able to make it- if you start running the distance at midnight, maybe? Bwaaahhahaha... alright, if you excuse us now, we need to get going. No need to get up to wave us goodbye, teeheehee"

Slowly the sound of the vehicles dies away into the distance until nothing but the silence of the blazing desert remains

"So what do you think, are they gone for good? I can not hear a thing anymore"

"Same. Seems we got away... Jeeze I´d never have guessed I´d ever be thankful that the psycho is a fucking sadist, too! Let´s get out of the sun now"

"Ow, my legs... another ten minutes in tailor seat and I swear they would have been paralyzed for life. You need help getting up?"
"No, thanks, I am good... thank God we stored some water and food behind that secret door, that was just in time... "


"This is awkward, but... given that this is all over now, and we will most likely be stuck here until nightfall anyway... maybe, you know... maybe now would be a good time..."

"You bet, Lady Le. Think the time is now- or never. So, what is it? You gonna keep me waiting much longer?"

"Aw, come here, you stupid...!"
"Hey! Mmpfffmmmmm"

The time, Nick... is now

And forever, if I have any say in it

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  1. Well. I am glad Nick and Le made the most of their unfortunate situation. Mmm Joe is very cute even though he's very mean. LOL.

  2. I spent ages deciding who of the two would make the move *lol*