Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013


Well this little bit of info was originally supposed to be the end of chapter fifteen... but I did not want to give her any chance to spoil the day for Seamus

Ok, are you ready? 

"Dismissed?! What do you mean, dismissed?!"

"Which part of `claim dismissed´did you not understand, Ms Sweeney? It´s the very same term I have used every single one of the previous times you processed to reclaim custody of your sons"

"Ms Sweeney, why can´t you just let it go... this is the third time now in two years that you tried in vain to..."

 "Aw now look who´s talking! After all it´s YOU who keeps filing reports on how totally inept I am as a mother, you..."

"Exactly, and I must say you did not improve one bit over the last years, despite all the aid that has been offered."

"Blah blah. Who cares. They are MINE! You cant´t stop me from trying! I know my rights! This won´t be the last you see of me! You just wait and see!"

"Good grief"
"Yes Sir... guess she will be back again next year, she´s just to thick to accept it´s over"


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